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Tingkatkan kecepatan internet pakai Cfosspeed software

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Super Tek-Dunkers
Super Tek-Dunkers
setelah beberapa waktu lalu saya memposting cara mempercepat koneksi internet dengan modem booster, maka saat ini saya kembali memposting tentang meningkatkan koneksi internet tapi menggunakan Cfosspeed.

Dikatakan kalau Free Software Cfosspeed v.5.01 Build 1584 Beta mampu membuat koneksi internet menjadi lebih cepat. Free software Cfosspeed v.5.01 Build 1584 Beta adalah software full yang di lengkapi dengan key

- Full download rate during upload

- Consistently quick response time while surfing the Web or running other applications

- Improved VoIP speech quality

- Perfect for online gamers!

- Extended Traffic Shaping for DSL modems, cable modems and routers

- Highly responsive when used with online games and filesharing (P2P) like eMule, Kazaa or Bittorrent

- Minimal ping times for streaming audio and video, Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet Radio, etc.

- Individual program prioritization

Traffic Shaping best for

- Broadband: DSL, Cable

- Narrow band: modem, ISDN

- Mobile

- Filesharing (P2P)

- Games

- Streaming Media, VoIP


- Low Ping

- Prioritising programs

- Prioritising protocols

- Online Budgets

- Firewall


- Broadband: Cabel and DSL

- Narrow band: Modem and ISDN

- Mobile

- Media:


- DSL, PPPoA (VCmux and LLC)


- Cable


- IP over AAL

- RFC1483/2684 bridged


- Router and dial-up connections

- LAN and WLAN

- Router and Bridge-Mode


- Multiple connections simultaneously

- Adjustable routes

- Several IP adresses per adapter

Traffic Shaping:

- Multi-User version

-TX and RX-Shaping

- L7 Protocol Analysis

- Prioritization of Programs

- RTP/VoIP Detection

- 5 priority queues

- Individual rules with filter language


- Low-Latency Mode

- Auto-MTU optimization


- Time and volumen budgets

- Usage Graph

- Overview of connections

- Skin-Windows

- Firewall

- Data and packet logging

- 32-Bit and 64-Bit version

- 12+ languages

penasaran ingin mencobanya, silakan download disini

Download CrosspeedcFosSpeed.5.01.1584.Beta Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad


Super Tek-Dunkers
Super Tek-Dunkers
nice inpo !!

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